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The proper solution to a lead problem is abatement, removal, stabilization, proper handling and disposal. These procedures should only be completed by certified Lead Abatement personnel. All Clear has a number of highly trained and certified lead technicians. All Clear will also prepare a lead abatement/removal work plan as required by the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) prior to commencing any Lead -Based Paint (LBP) removal activities.

A post abatement final clearance inspection will then be performed as required by CDHS. The Clearance Inspection will be performed by an independent CDHS Certified Lead Inspector/Assessor or Project Monitor. The procedure entails a visual verification that no suspect lead contaminated dust or soil remains around, adjacent and/or below the abated surfaces followed by a dust and/or soil confirmatory sampling and analysis.

Our goal, mission and vision are consistent with the goals of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch. Our focus, methods and policies are all directed toward the singular goal of preventing lead poisoning.

Working under rigid privacy guidelines, All Clear maintains the strictest confidentiality before, during and after completion of services.





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